90 Degree Hybrid Coupler: HB-57

Source: Microwave Communications Laboratories, Inc. (MCLI)

90 Degree Hybrid Coupler: HB-57

MCLI introduces the HB-57 90 Degree Hybrid Coupler designed for military, commercial, and space applications within the 1 to 12 GHz frequency range. The coupler handles up to 50 Watts of average power, and up to 2 kW of peak power. Key features include an insertion loss less than 1.6 dB, isolation over 15 dB, and SMA connectors.

Additional HB-57 features include:

  • Amplitude balance: ± 0.6 dB
  • Phase Balance: ±8 Degrees
  • VSWR: 1.60:1
  • Package Type: Module with connectors
  • Operating Temperature: -55 to 85 Degrees C

For more information on the HB-57 hybrid coupler, download the datasheet.