7-Way Switched Filter: SA0068-7

Source: MtronPTI

7-Way Switched Filter: SA0068-7

MtronPTI’s SA0068 7-way Switched Filter Bank provides transmitter harmonic management with at least 30 dB of 2nd harmonic rejection in seven selectable frequency bands from 30 MHz to 512 MHz. With a low insertion loss of less than 1.3 dB, 30 Watts of power handling and a small, 65 mA current drain max, the SA0068 is ideal for applications such as multiband tactical radios and portable radio power amplifiers.

When a large, multi-national high performance electronics company tunes its strategy to anticipate client needs earlier, it must free up engineering bandwidth. One proven way is to focus on what you do best and partner with others for the rest. That’s what a $3B aerospace and defense company did when they turned to MtronPTI for help.

The tactical radio business needs more performance in a smaller size but more importantly, defense purchasers would now rather see complete systems working ahead of time instead of just trusting that contracted specs will be met. This means anticipating the need and building the system before you get the order. That takes more engineering earlier. So a conversation began about moving previously in-house filter design and production to a company that lives and breathes filters: MtronPTI.

MtronPTI accepted the task, designing a higher performance unit with lower risk since the RF design and tricky production tuning is left to the experts. The result? The Client’s engineers have more time to think and be ready with the next radio before their clients ask for it.

To learn more about the SA0068 7-way switched filter and its features, download the one sheet. For information on its specifications, download the datasheet.