5G 526-Element Active Antenna Kit: AWA-0134

Source: Anokiwave

5G 526-Element Active Antenna Kit: AWA-0134

Anokiwave offers the AWA-0134 active array antenna with a 256-element single beam or 4x64-element MU-MIMO operation for 5G wireless applications. The surface mount assembled antenna board is developed using planar antenna technology resulting in a very low-profile, lightweight unit, and demonstrates the high performance via its low power silicon integration and efficient antenna layout and design.

The AWA-0134 array antenna provides +60dBmi (1000 W) of EIRP, Tx/Rx half duplex operation, linear polarization, and 2D electronic beam scan. The electronic 2D beam steering is achieved using analog RF beam forming, with independent phase and gain control in both Tx and Rx operating modes.

Additional features include:

  • Programmable beam widths
  • 4 Pre-programmed beam states: Uniform Illumination; 25dB SLL Taylor taperp plus two broad beams for broadcast
  • Temperature sense telemetry
  • Passive cooling option
  • Suitable for outdoor deployment

Download the AWA-0134 datasheet for more information.