50 – 325 GHz Isolators And Circulators

Source: MicroHarmonics
50 – 325 GHz Isolators And Circulators

MicroHarmonics offers an array of Isolators and Circulators designed to operate in frequencies ranging from 50 to 325 GHz. The circulators are ideal for directing signal flow in transmit/received systems. Available Faraday rotation isolators may be used to suppress standing waves inside systems.

MicroHarmonics’ circulators utilize sophisticated impedance matching and mode controlling techniques to provide the widest bandwidth in the industry. The Faraday isolators feature low insertion loss, and unique diamond heatsinks for cooler operating temperatures and improved power handling. Additional features for these circulators and isolators include high isolation, compact package sizes, and innovative designs at competitive prices.

For additional features and specifications on these isolators and circulators, download the datasheet.