Newsletter | April 30, 2019

04.30.19 -- 3GPP Rel-16 Explained | Spotlight On Antennas

Featured Editorial
A Look At 3GPP Rel-16: LTE And 5G-NR Enhancements
By Marcin Dryjanski, Grandmetric

This article discusses the ideas and enhancements currently being developed for 3GPP Release-16, with a focus on selected Rel-16 work items and study items. These enhancements cover not only 5G-NR, but also LTE, which is being advanced in parallel.

Spotlight On Antennas
Distributed Antenna System (DAS) For IoT, Cellular, And Other Wireless Applications
Application Note | AR

Distributed antenna systems (DAS) are used to provide strong and reliable wireless connectivity in location where connectivity is a problem with standard wireless routers or cellular connectivity. This app note discusses the use of DAS for IoT, cellular, and other wireless applications.

The HEMP Threat
Application Note | HUBER+SUHNER

The effects of a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) could lead to an upset or permanent damage of a sensitive electronic system. In this application note, the coupling response mechanism for localized systems will be discussed, specifically for the early-time HEMP environment.

Beamforming For An 8x8 Planar Phased Patch Antenna Array For 5G At 28 GHz
White Paper | Remcom

An 8x8 planar antenna array creates narrow beams capable of scanning large sectors in front of the antenna. This example focuses on displaying typical simulation results for beams and possible plots of coverage from the full array and combinations of sub-arrays.

Researchers Tune Into Simulation To Develop World’s Smallest TV Antenna
Article | Altair Engineering Inc

Transmitting broadcast signals to remote areas can be challenging. That is why the Center for Research and Applied Sciences (CIICAp) at the University of Morelos, Mexico (UAEM), embarked on a project to improve antenna signal stability. 

Finding The “Missing Link”: Bringing Together Numerical Simulation And Antenna Measurement To Understand Deployed Antenna Performance
White Paper | MVG Microwave

This white paper presents the tools and techniques used to overcome limitations from unknown source model characterization and complexities of the environment for the most accurate source antenna measurements in the most complex test environments.

CST STUDIO SUITE - EM Simulation For Automotive Applications
Application Note | CST of America, Inc.

Electronic components are increasingly important in automotive systems. With the electromagnetic simulation tools in CST STUDIO SUITE, vehicles can be evaluated using virtual prototyping from the early stages of the design process. 

Design And Physical Realization Of Phased-Array Antennas For MIMO And Beam-Steering Applications
White Paper | National Instruments (NI)

This white paper explores basic phased-array theory and the design considerations behind next-generation antenna systems, and examines the new capabilities recently added to electronic design automation (EDA) software such as the NI AWR Design Environment platform.

Antenna Basics
White Paper | By M. Reckeweg and Dr. C. Rohner, Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

This white paper describes the basic functionality of antennas. Starting with Hertz's Antenna model followed by a short introduction to the fundamentals of wave propagation, the important general characteristics of an antenna and its associated parameters are explained.

Mall Communication Solutions
White Paper | Bird

At shopping malls, consumers also are able to find various types of entertainment, dining options, spa services, childcare, etc. This white paper presents Bird’s Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) solution for meeting these wireless communications difficulties.

Featured Multimedia
SkyOne Ultra 3.0 With SkyBlue Video

Skyworks introduces the SkyOne Ultra 3.0, a highly integrated front-end solution for premium mobile device and smartphone manufacturers worldwide utilizing Skyworks' powerful SkyBlue enabling technology for industry-leading efficiency. This fully optimized front-end system incorporates all of the high-performance RF and analog functionality including power amplification, duplex filtering, and antenna switching into a single device.

Bulletin Board
Understanding The Basics Of MIMO Communication Technology

MIMO technology is ideal for communications applications where clear line of sight is harder to achieve, and the abundance of RF and microwave systems can pose interference issues. This paper covers a range of basics of MIMO communications for readers of all technical levels.

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