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01.31.23 -- 3 Developing Military Intelligence Technologies To Be Aware Of

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Spotlight On Cables, Connectors & Interconnect Solutions
Conextivity Group Extends Expertise Across Connectivity Value Chain

The Fischer family founded Conextivity Group to meet the connectivity challenge posed by the emergence of new cross-functional and scalable ecosystems. The group's R&D department, which has doubled in size over the last five years, is strengthening its teams with new expertise, especially in signal integrity engineering, embedded electronics, the cloud, and IoT.

Simulating RF Desense And Electromagnetic Interference In Electronic Devices

It is a universal experience of modern life: You’re in an area of sufficient cellular signal, but the internet connection is degraded. A Bluetooth link is dropped even though the device battery is fully charged. The touchscreen of a device is unresponsive for no apparent reason.

Application Guide To RF Coaxial Connectors And Cables

RF coaxial connectors provide vital RF links in communications, broadcast, EMC testing, commercial, and military, as well as test and measurement fields. This article provides guidance and insight in choosing connectors best suited to accommodate your specific application.

High-Frequency, Low-Loss RF Cables

High-frequency, low-loss flexible cables from A.H. Systems are the preferred choice over standard cable types. With improved power handling, low VSWR, and high-frequency capabilities, the low-loss cables can be made to your specified length and delivered in two days. 

Industry Insights
The Importance Of Accurate S-Parameters For Pam-4 Applications

The challenges presented by PAM-4 high speed serial technology require a higher level of test and measurement performance than ever before. This paper investigates the evaluation complexities of PAM-4 interconnects at high data rates.

Why Are Boonton Test Solutions The Performance Leaders In RF And Microwave Power Measurement?

In this post, learn essential power measurement terminology, leading peak power and average power sensor capabilities, and how state-of-the-art solutions from Boonton can solve test challenges.

Cavity Filters: High Performance Under High Power

A cavity resonator is designed so that a space, or cavity, is enclosed by a metallic conducting surface, like a metal box. Inside the metal box, the electromagnetic waves reflect between the cavity walls.

Benefits Of Foam Polymers In Low-Loss Coaxial Cables

Advancements in high-resolution phased array antenna technology make phase-critical analog and digital transceiver systems reliable in aerospace and defense programs. This paper discusses materials and manufacturing technologies used in these high-throughput data sections. 

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High-Speed Wireless Data Interconnect

David and Chris from Analog Devices discuss how wireless connectivity comes into play when mechanical connectors need replacing. In order to maintain a precise connection at automated manufacturing facilities, companies are looking to upgrade equipment to save time and money.

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Space Qualified And Thermal Vacuum Coaxial Terminations

KRYTAR's selection of rugged 50-ohm mechanical coaxial terminations are useful for unused ports and isolated ports of hybrids and combiners, as well as protection against signal reflections.

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2.4 GHz Front-End Modules

Skyworks offers a range of 2.4 GHz front-end modules designed to provide all the functionality of a fully matched power amplifier, power detector, harmonic filter, low-noise amplifier (LNA), and single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) switch in one device.

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Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
Deployable EW System With Rappid: MSP1202

The MPS1202 is a ruggedized microwave and digital processing subsystem designed to operate in the most demanding environments. Mercury’s MPS1202 offers a tactical solution for system development and sustainment in a small rugged form factor.

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Mercury Systems, Inc.
Quick-Disconnect Connector For Military Applications: ODU AMC NP

The ODU AMC NP is one of the world's most recognized connectors standardized on various dismounted soldier systems. This connector is ideal for military and security power applications.

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Times Microwave Test & Measurement Brochure

Selecting the correct assembly for the right application is not always an easy task. In this brochure, Times Microwave Systems provides considerations for selecting RF test assemblies.

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Times Microwave Systems
50-Watt Attenuator With 4.3/10 RF Connectors: 50FH-XXX-50-3

The 50FH-XXX-50-3 from JFW is a 50-ohm coaxial fixed attenuator rated at 50 watts maximum RF input power that operates DC-3,000 MHz. The connector is available with dB values ranging from 1 dB to 50 dB, and the heatsink has mounting holes on both ends and on the bottom side. Mixed RF connectors, such as 4.3/10 male or N female, are made available.

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JFW Industries, Inc.