3dB Hybrid Couplers: TEMline™ Series

Source: API Technologies Corp

3dB Hybrid Couplers: TEMline™ Series

API Technologies’ TEMlineTM series of 3dB hybrid couplers have an average power rating of 1000W and are normalized at 1GHz. They also feature 1 dB maximum unbalance and 90 degree phase differential between outputs. They’ve been designed to meet MIL-E-5400 Class 3 and are screenable to MIL-P-23971, making them an ideal solution for telecommunications and radar applications.

Five different models are available in this series, collectively covering the 150 MHz to 4000 MHz frequency range. High power systems that call for isolation and quadrature performance can benefit from the use of TEMlineTM hybrid couplers. They’re well suited for use with balanced high power amplifiers, radar power dividers and combiners, and general test assemblies.

For additional information on the couplers’ technical specifications and features, download the datasheet. You can also contact API Technologies directly to request more information or to discuss your application.