2 to 7 Channel Switched Filter Banks

Source: API Technologies Corp

2 to 7 Channel Switched Filter Banks (main)

In addition to their standard line of switched filter banks, API technologies recently unveiled a new line with customer-specified frequency coverage from 2 to 7 channels. They cover the 20 MHz to 7500 MHz frequency range with ultimate rejection up to 20 GHz. Low insertion loss and high isolation are achieved through mechanically channelized PIN diode switch manifolds, and lumped element filters have been integrated for increased rejection.

This series of switched filter banks (310-020050-XXX) offer the same performance that you’d get with a custom design, but at a reduced cost. This is made possible through the use of switch manifolds and machined parts that would typically be integrated into custom filters.

Their high performance characteristics and rugged construction makes this series well suited for ELINT (electronic intelligence), EW (electronic warfare), or commercial applications that call for superior signal integrity.

Features include:

  • Passband frequency: 20-7500 MHz
  • Up to 7 customizable channels
  • Single +5.0 volt supply
  • TTL selectable
  • Low insertion loss: <5.0 dB
  • Fast switching speed: <500 ns
  • High rejection: >60 dB typical

For more information on the series, download the datasheet or contact API Technologies directly.