2-6 GHz Solid State Power Amplifier: PTS6900

Source: TMD Technologies

2-6 GHz Solid State Power Amplifier: PTS6900

The new PTS6900 Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA) from TMD is a low band CW amplifier operating within the 2 to 6 GHz frequency range, with nominal output power of 150 W, and 55 dB of gain. Utilizing the latest advances in 0.25 µm GaN MMIC technology and low loss power combiners, this amplifier is ideally used for EW/ECM applications.

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The PST6900 is capable of reliable operation in high ambient temperatures, as long as the baseplate hot-spot temperature of 85°C is not exceeded. This SSPA is available with a heatsink, but comes without one so that the device is easily mounted onto the cooling fixture at hand. The module incorporates a fast RF mute capability that enables RF output to be muted in less than 1 µs, a built-in test capability used to monitor the internal DC to DC converters and baseplate over-temperature, and an internal EMC filter on the 28 V input for full compliance with EMC requirements.

Download the datasheet for more features, specifications, and mechanical and environmental parameters.

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