1 KW L-band Radar Pallet Amplifier: IGNP1214M1KW-GPS

Source: Integra Technologies, Inc.

1 KW L-band Radar Pallet Amplifier: IGNP1214M1KW-GPS

Integra Technologies presents the IGNP1214M1KW-GPS, a single-supply, 50 Ω matched GaN-based pulsed power pallet amplifier for L-band radar applications.

The high-power GaN/SiC pallet supplies greater than 1000 W of peak pulsed output power at 50 V bias, with 12.7 dB gain and 60% efficiency, at 300 microseconds and 10% pulse conditions. This amplifier includes gate biasing and sequencing circuitry for easier system integration. All units are 100 percent tested for large signal RF parameters. Custom versions of this product (and other VHF/UHF, L, S, C, X-band standard products) are available upon request.

For more specifications and product features, download the datasheet.