1-2 GHz Limiting Amplifier: SLA-020-60-25-SMA

Source: Fairview Microwave

1-2 GHz Limiting Amplifier: SLA-020-60-25-SMA

Fairview Microwave presents the SLA-020-60-25-SMA high-gain limiting coaxial amplifier with an operating frequency range from 1 to 2 GHz. Designed specifically to protect receivers from excessive power and distortion, this model features an input power range of -40 to +10 dBm, a minimum limited output power of +19 dBm, and a high 60 dB gain with gain flatness of +/-2.5 dB.

With use of the hybrid MIC design and advanced GaAs PHEMT devices, the SLA-020-60-25-SMA is able to achieve excellent technical performance. The connectorized SMA module includes built-in voltage regulation, bias sequencing, and reverse bias protection for added reliability. This radio frequency limiting amplifier is commonly used in electronic warfare, microwave receivers, and broadband communication systems.

For additional specifications on this high gain limiting amplifier from Fairview Microwave, download the datasheet above.