Vector Network Analyzer: MS46522A

Source: Anritsu Company

Vector Network Analyzer: MS46522A

This 2-port vector network analyzer (VNA) series covers the 50 kHz to 4.5/8.5 GHz frequency ranges and is packaged in a small 2U chassis. It offers 70 microseconds per point sweep speed and better than a 110dB dynamic range, making these VNAs suitable for a variety of passive device test applications in engineering, production and education. Its LAN interface for remote control is more robust than USB and faster than GPIB, and multiple USB ports allow for easy connection to a user-provided monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

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The MS46522A is a low cost 2-port, full reversing Vector Network Analyzer, with basic s-parameters, and time domain with time gating measurement functions. It is suitable for testing a variety of passive devices including antennas, cables, switches, filters, and other RF components. It complements existing Anritsu VNAs by adding two RF VNAs to the VNA product portfolio. The combination of lower cost and good performance make ShockLine VNAs ideal candidates for testing passive devices in engineering, manufacturing and educational environments.

To learn more about performance advantages in Anritsu’s vector network analyzers through modern architecture, download the white paper.

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