Spectrum Capture and Playback System: IQC5000B

Source: X-COM Systems

Spectrum Capture and Playback System: IQC5000B

This system captures and replays RF and microwave signals in surveillance applications, operational exercises, and performance validation applications. It features dual channel capability, allowing users to record uplink and downlink transmissions, or record one channel in different locations for signal characteristic analysis.

The IQC5000B Spectrum Capture and Playback System weighs less than 10 lb. and measures in at only 12 x 3.5 x 10.5 in., making it X-Com's smallest and lightest system. Its numerous features and performance characteristics also makes it their best performing capture and playback system.

This system can be used to detect and isolate RF anomalies in radar, SIGINT, and ELINT for performance validation. For surveillance purposes, the IQC5000B can be used to capture in-theater RF signal activity for post-operation analysis. The signal capture and playback system can also be used to record the "RF history" of military exercises.

Download the datasheet for information on RF capture interface, playback interface, and general specifications for the IQC5000B Spectrum Capture and Playback System.