2x2 RF Agile Transceiver: AD9361

Source: Analog Devices, Inc.

2x2 RF Agile Transceiver: AD9361

Because of its programmability and wideband capability, the AD9361 RF agile transceiver by Analog Devices is particularly ideal for point-to-point communication systems, femtocell/picocell/microcell base stations, and in general-purpose radio systems. The device covers the 70 MHz to 6.0 GHz range and is comprised of integrated frequency synthesizers and an RF front end.

Features include:

  • TDD and FDD operation support
  • <200 kHz to 56 MHz tunable channel bandwidth
  • Dual receivers: 6 differential or 12 single-ended inputs
  • Superior receiver sensitivity with a 2 dB noise figure
  • RX gain control
  • Dual transmitters: 4 differential outputs
  • Highly linear broadband transmitter
  • Integrated fractional-N synthesizers
  • Multichip integration
  • CMOS/LVDS digital interface

For more information on the transceiver’s features and specifications, download the datasheet.

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