Power Amplifier Linearizer Module (PALM)

Source: NuWaves Engineering

Power Amplifier Linearizer Module (PALM)

The NuPowerTM is a 2200 MHz to 2600 MHz power amplifier linearizer module ideal for test labs, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), software defined radios, RF communication systems, and broadband RF telemetry. It requires no manual adjustments, and its adaptive correction maintains optimum linearity over amplifier temperature drift, power output, and other impairments.

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This Power Amplifier Linearizer Module (PALM) is ideal for engineers that need to linearize power amplifiers regardless of the amplifier’s topology class. This module features a compact size (3.28 cubic inches), <1 W power consumption, 25 kHz to 60 MHz input signal bandwidth, up to 20 dB adjacent power rejection improvement, and more. Additionally, the NuPowerTM Power Amplifier Linearizer Module supports high peak-to-average (PAR) waveforms (OFDM, COFDM, QAM, etc.) Download the datasheet for additional information.

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