Phase Noise Test Systems

Source: Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation

Phase Noise Test Systems

These phase noise test systems are particularly well suited for conducting phase noise and jitter measurement in VCXOs, TCXOs, and OCXOs. Unlike some traditional systems, they have the ability to analyze both absolute and additive phase noise.

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Berkeley Nucleonics offers two different models of phase noise test systems with variations in frequency range coverage. Both systems are ideal for crystal oscillator manufacturers because of their use of external source features. This set up can significantly cut down analysis time and required correlations for key data. They’re also ideal for Automated Testing Environments (ATE) through the use of their GUI, command protocol, or any drivers built for LabVIEW, MatLab, or C++.

These phase noise test systems offer several unique features that set them apart from competitive offerings. Some of the more notable features include:

  • Additive Phase Noise. They can test devices that do not self-oscillate, i.e. amplifiers, mixers, attenuators, splitters. This is important if customers are using these components in a system and need to know if these parts introduce any added phase noise. Agilent or traditional PN testers do not offer this.
  • External Sources. They do use their internal sources, but can also use External Sources to cut down testing time by big reductions, especially when analyzing close to the carrier signal. Again, Agilent or traditional PN testers do not offer this.  
  • No Front Panel Interface:  1) Much better long-term reliability with no knobs, buttons, or screens. Lighter, more portable. 2) FREE GUI interface which is extremely easy to use and intuitive. The systems can be up and running within minutes of taking the unit out of the box. Very little setup required.
  • ½ the cost of Agilent 5052 or other traditional competing equipment.

For information on the individual models that comprise Berkeley Nucleonics’ line of phase noise test systems, download the available datasheets. You can also contact them directly for more information or to discuss your application.

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