400 MHz Ovenized Voltage Controlled SAW Oscillator

Source: Phonon Corporation

400 MHz Ovenized Voltage Controlled SAW Oscillator

This ovenized voltage controlled SAW oscillator (VCSO) is extremely effective and reliable in applications involving use of analog signal processing, such as radar, communications, and electronic warfare (EW). Addition of a micro-oven to the design yields superior temperature stability (just +/- 10ppm over temperature range -40C to 85C). Specific emphasis on low phase noise, from the start of the design process, has led to a SAW oscillator of superior performance and quality.

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All Phonon SAW oscillators are tested and screened in accordance with your custom requirements. Phonon also offers oscillators for space applications. For specifications, typical phase noise performance, micro-oven performance, electrical tuning, and a package outline for the 101662.101 400 MHz VCSO, download the datasheet.

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