Multicoaxial Board Connector: MXP40 and MXP18 Series


Multicoaxial Board Connector: MXP40 and MXP18 Series

HUBER+SUHNER’s MXP series of multicoaxial board connectors are ideal for high speed digital bench-top and system testing. They feature reliable mating, ease of use, and a broad range of configurations with flexible and ultra-stable cable assemblies and compact PCB connectors.

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The MXP40 series is a higher-end multicoaxial board connector. It has an operating range of up to 40 Gbps/40 GHz and features high density, low loss, slide-on mounting, highly flexible and ultra-stable MULTIFLEX cables, and extensive technical support. Its broadband characteristics make it well suited for high speed digital testing at the highest stage. Its dense interface pitch means that the PCB connectors take up less space on the boards, and the reliable push-on mating guarantees stable electrical values even after numerous mating cycles.

The MXP18 series offers the best value for pricing. It has an operating range of up to 18 Gbps/18GHz and offers outstanding electrical and mechanical performance for its cost. It’s also compatible with the MXP40 series.

The latest entry in the series is model MXP50, with an operating range of up to 50 Gbps/50 GHz.  Like the other models in the MXP family, this line features absolute phase matching down to +/- 2 ps, slide-on mounting, the highest with lowest loss, and highly flexible and stable MULTIFLEX H+S cables.

For more information on this series of board connectors, download the datasheet.

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