Newsletter | May 30, 2014

05.30.14 -- May's Most Popular Articles & News

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Most Popular Articles
Linearity Of GaN-Based Solid State Power Amplifiers
We know today that GaN is the foundation of all new power amplifier development and design, and that it offers unmatched performance, reliability, and efficiency. The purpose of this white paper is to characterize, in particular, the linearity of Advantech-based GaN SSPAS, when operated either in single carrier mode or in multi-carrier mode. It also includes a comparison with TWTs.
EM Simulation Of Automotive Radar Mounted In Vehicle Bumper
Trends in automobile safety are pushing radar systems to higher levels of accuracy and reliability. Consequently, it is imperative that engineers understand how mounting brackets, fascia, paint color, and bumper assemblies affect automotive radar systems. In this paper, a 24-GHz sensor is used to discuss the differences between a simulation of a stand-alone sensor and one that is mounted in a vehicle.
Modeling Broadband Ambient Noise
Multiple RF system set-ups on larger platforms are especially susceptible to performance degradation due to potential interference generated in between systems. The broadband ambient noise generated from the electronics in each system can complicate matters even further. This application note offers examples of how EMIT simulation software can be used to predict ambient noise in large platforms with multiple RF systems.
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