Low Profile OCXO and OCVCXO: N45/NV45 AA/AB Series

Source: Bliley Technologies, Inc.

Low Profile OCXO and OCVCXO: N45/NV45 AA/AB Series

This series of OCXO cover the 5MHz to 20MHz frequency range.  It is ideal for low phase noise and excellent frequency stability applications including base stations, synthesizers, digital switching, test equipment and military.

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N45/NV45 AA/AB Series Oscillator Features:

  • Low Phase Noise Options
  • Frequency Stability as Low as ±5 ppb
  • 5v, 12v and 15v versions available
  • -55°C t0 125°C storage temperature range
  • Customizable If Standard Options Do Not Meet Your Requirements
  • Manufactured in Erie, Pa. USA

For more information on the N45/NV45 AA/AB Series of OCXOs and OCVCXOs, download the datasheet.

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