Newsletter | June 4, 2014

06.04.14 -- Live From IMS 2014 - Day 1

Live from IMS 2014
Prior to IMS2014, MTT-S announced that the Internet of Things (IoT) would be a major theme of the show. Aside from being the key focus of a technical session on Tuesday, IoT has also been a prevalent topic of discussion in the keynote speeches and panel discussions throughout the show. Even in its infancy, the IoT is already revolutionizing countless industries. And, while there are certainly many daunting challenges ahead — like ensuring security and privacy — there is also a great deal of enthusiasm in the RF community about the potential of the IoT.

The IMS2014 exhibition floor featured some of the technologies set to play a part in the IoT revolution. See below for some of the highlights.
Rifleman Amplifier: 20 Watts PEP UHF And L-Band Rifleman Amplifier: 20 Watts PEP UHF And L‑Band
Modern Software Defined Tactical Radios use sophisticated networking modulation formats and require advanced booster amplifier designs in their systems. AR Modular has a new line of Networking capable amplifiers such as the AR20R. This amplifier provides 20 Watt PEP output, across the 225-450MHz and 1.2 to 1.9GHz band, with a switchable low noise amplifier that incorporates filtering to protect the receive path from co-site interference.
Amplifiers With Unprecedented SWaP
Amplifiers With Unprecedented SWaP
Jon Jacocks, president and CEO of Empower RF Systems introduces us to their line of power amplifiers in the frequency ranges of 6 GHz and below. These products are used for electronic warfare, test and measurement, wireless infrastructure, communications, and radar. Check out the video for an overview of what they have on display.
Watch This Before Buying A High-End Spectrum Analyzer
High-End Spectrum Analyzer For Real-Time Monitoring
Signal Hound's president Bruce Devine introduces us to the BB60C real-time spectrum analyzer for real-time spectrum monitoring, manufacturing process control, interference hunting, spread spectrum signal analysis, capturing intermittent events, and general purpose spectrum analysis. Watch the video to learn more about its specifications, availability, and cost.
X-Band SSPAs For Radar Applications
X-Band SSPAs For Radar Applications
Communications & Power Industries (CPI) is focusing on their line of X-band solid-state power amplifiers with GaN transistors for radar applications. In this video, vice president of engineering Todd Treado gave us a closer look at two power-combined X-band SSPAs they had displayed at the booth.
Generator And Analyzer Setup for High-Volume Testing Applications
Generator And Analyzer Setup For High-Volume Testing Applications
Lawrence Wilson of Rohde & Schwarz introduced us to the SGT vector signal generator and the FPS signal and spectrum analyzer for high-volume testing applications. He gave us some interesting information on the SGT's specifications and performance capabilities before turning things over to Rich Pieciak to discuss the FPS. Watch the video to learn more.
AR Updates And Improves Amplifier Offerings
AR Updates And Improves Amplifier Offerings
AR's Joe Diesso gives us an update on what's been going on with his company recently. Watch the video to hear about a recent facility expansion that gave AR the ability to produce 1000 watt amplifiers, the now smaller and more energy efficient W-series of amplifiers covering the 80 to 1000 MHz frequency range, and much more.
News From The Show Floor
Crane Launches The Ku-Band 4-Way Iso-Divider For Space Applications
API Technologies Debuts GaN Power Amplifier Drivers At IMS
Intercept Technology Launches Enhanced RF Design Flow With Agilent's ADS Board Link
Freescale Simplifies RF Power Application Development
Molex Flexible Microwave Cable Assemblies Offer Superior Electrical Performance Without Limitations Of Semi-Rigid Assemblies
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