KA-Band Amplifiers up to 40 GHz

Source: Ciao Wireless

KA-Band Amplifiers up to 40 GHz

The Ciao Wireless line of KA-Band amplifiers offers frequency coverage up to 40 GHz. Multiple gains are offered and output power levels up to +33 dBm are available. Each amplifier is 100% tested, unconditionally stable, competitively priced, and comes equipped with internal voltage regulators, reverse polarity protection, and K-type (2.92mm) connectors.

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Ciao offers customized KA-band amplifiers as well. Available options include waveguide interfaces, temperature compensation, variable gain control and TTL/RF mute, TTL/RF Mute/BIT/output voltage detection, and more. For information on the individual models specifications, download the datasheet. To discuss your custom needs, contact Ciao directly.

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