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7 Noteworthy Technologies From IMS2014
By Clinton Shaffer   By Clinton Shaffer
As the largest event in the industry, IMS is the place where component, subsystem, and service providers make their biggest annual announcements and showcase their latest, most exciting technologies. In case you missed the show, here is a selection of some of the innovative new products that were on display at IMS2014.
Most Popular Articles
Can The Internet Of Things (IoT) Survive Without Satellite?
The nascent Internet of Things (IoT) movement promises to drive a relentless shift towards an interconnected network of devices. According to research firm Gartner, the growth of the IoT will far exceed that of other connected devices and will grow to 26 billion units by 2020, representing an almost 30-fold increase from 2009. This article explains why the ultimate success of the IoT will depend on active support from satellite networks.
Using The Bessel Null Method To Verify FM Deviation Measurements
Frequency deviation (fDEV) — the peak frequency change, above and below the unmodulated carrier frequency — is a critical parameter of FM. Therefore, it is imperative to accurately measure fDEV. The Bessel Null Method is a simple way to verify fDEV accuracy — in a way that is not dependent on the fDEV specs of any signal generator — with excellent precision and high confidence.
Application And Measurement Of Ultra-Low-Noise Oscillators
The best crystal oscillators are capable of very low phase noise, but a number of pitfalls await the unwary system designer, any of which can seriously degrade the oscillator's performance. Some of the more common design issues are discussed in this article.
Most Popular News
IBM Preps New Wireless Chip Technology
Apple (Finally) Unveils Mobile Health Platform
Department Of Energy's CEBAF Achieves Its Highest Energy Beam Ever
Record-Breaking 56-Gbps Receiver Circuit Developed For CPU Communications
New Wireless Technique Safely Transmits Energy To Implants
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