Newsletter | January 31, 2014

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From The Editor
Millimeter Waves For 5G: Intel Among Those Making Strides
By Clinton Shaffer   By Clinton Shaffer
Recent updates from organizations, including Intel, indicate that the development of 5G mobile device technology is well underway and that 5G networks will utilize millimeter waves.
Most Popular Articles
Patterned Ground Shields For Silicon RFICs — Part 4: How Does The Ground Shield Work?
You might have noticed, in spite of the title of this series, we have discussed the current induced in the RFIC silicon ground rather than the patterned ground shield that designers add to reduce the current in silicon. As I mentioned in Part 1, we must understand our enemy before we can deal with our enemy. We now understand our enemy.
EM Simulation: Evolution Within Circuit Design
Electromagnetic (EM) simulation has become commonplace for RF and microwave circuit designers. This viewpoint article examines current trends with regard to how designers use EM tools inside of circuit simulators.
VNA Advances Meet Challenges Of Advanced Radar Systems
Our first column in this series (Testing Modern Radar System Signals: A Primer) focused on the advances made in radar systems and the traditional measurements made with a vector network analyzer (VNA) to verify their design. In this second installment, the focus will be on improvements made to VNA architectures and their importance in testing today’s more advanced radar systems.
Most Popular News
Discovery Enables Fourier Transforms 100x Faster Than FFT
First Battery-Powered Invisibility Cloaking Device Created
Nano Antenna Helps Researchers 'Detune' A Molecule
Improving Smartphone Antenna Efficiency With RF MEMS
Novel Satellite-Based System Prevents Airborne Collisions