High Frequency Electromagnetic Software: Sonnet Professional Suite (Release 14)

Source: Sonnet Software

High Frequency Electromagnetic Software

Sonnet’s high frequency electromagnetic (EM) software can be used in the analysis of microwave circuit discontinuities, arbitrary microstrip and stripline circuits, planar (patch) antennas, planar spiral inductors, RFIC and MMIC circuits, multi-layer circuits like LTCC and PCB technology, planar filter analysis, and high density interconnects.

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The Sonnet Professional Suite Release 14 EM Software puts fabrication-accurate high frequency electromagnetic extraction models into your EDA design flow. Several new features are now available with Release 14, including:

Technology Layers for Design Flow Integration

A technology layer is a definition for associated objects in your project. These may be defined for planar metal, vias, and dielectric bricks. This feature enables smoother transitions with EDA frameworks and design flows.

Stackup Manager

The Stackup Manager panel has been added to the Sonnet Project Editor. This feature provides an interface for creating or editing the process stackup, as well a graphical interface to manage the aforementioned Technology Layer in the software.

Faster Simulations

Parallel CPU core utilization has been increased from 3 cores to 6 cores, and the High Performance Solver has been increased from 12 to 32 CPU cores in parallel. The result is high-end computing hardware delivering ultra-efficient simulations. The software’s meshing algorithms have also been tuned to yield high solver efficiency.

Co-CalibratedTM Port Auto-Grouping

Error-free access to internal connections for large circuits has been made available through Sonnet’s Co-calibrated ports. These ports provide unprecedented accuracy for internal port calibration. Co-CalibratedTM Port Auto-Grouping automatically groups closely-spaced ports into calibration groups.

For additional information on these new features, download the datasheet.

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