News | July 31, 2014

Haigh-Farr Highlights Small Satellite Capabilities At The 2014 AIAA/USU Conference On Small Satellites

Recognizing the increasing importance of the small-satellite market, Haigh-Farr, a Business Unit within the Vitec Group, and a world leader in the simulation, design, manufacture and test of integrated antennas, has engineered and deployed a range of innovative antenna products to drive communications for this growing segment. Haigh-Farr will feature its complete range of small satellite capabilities at the AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites (Booth 103), internationally recognized as the premier conference on this segment of the industry.

Haigh-Farr manufactures a range of different products that fit into the broad spectrum of small satellites, a class of products broken down into individual classifications. From the Minisatellite, Microsatellite and Nanosatellite (representing a weight range of 1,100 to 2.2 pounds), down to the Picosatellite and Femtosatellite (representing a weight range of 2.2 pounds to 3.5 ounces), Haigh-Farr’s advanced modeling and manufacturing processes address the distinctive communication challenges presented by each class of satellite with requisite antenna designs.

“We are extremely proud to be a market leader in the burgeoning movement toward smaller-satellite deployment and operations,” says David Farr, CEO of Haigh-Farr. “Small satellites present a unique engineering opportunity to provide robust antennas specifically designed to accommodate the extreme size and weight restrictions of this class, while still accomplishing the different levels of communications needed for success. Our antenna solutions are built to survive the harsh environment of space—from the shock of launch, to the radiation, temperature and vacuum conditions encountered with each mission.”

About Haigh-Farr
Haigh-Farr, Inc. (Haigh-Farr) is a Business Unit within the Vitec Group Videocom Division. Haigh-Farr has a 45-year history of designing and producing exceptionally rugged, high performance antennas for a diverse array of applications including launch vehicles, spacecraft, missiles, aircraft, UAV’s and satellites. Well known for their ability to adapt their core technology to provide a solution meeting any vehicle’s unique performance and environmental requirements, Haigh-Farr’s expertise results in affordable solutions with proven reliability. For more information, visit

About The Vitec Group
Vitec is an international Group principally serving customers in the Broadcast & Video, Photographic and Military, Aerospace and Government (MAG) markets. Listed on the London Stock Exchange with 2013 revenue of £315.4M, Vitec is comprised of strong, well known, premium brands on which its customers worldwide rely. Vitec is organised in three Divisions: Videocom, Imaging and Services.

Videocom designs and distributes systems and products used in broadcasting and live entertainment, film and video production and the MAG market.

Imaging designs, manufactures and distributes equipment and accessories for photography and video.

Services provides equipment rental, workflow design and technical support to TV production teams and film crews.

For more information, visit

SOURCE: Haigh-Farr, Inc.

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