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Research And Markets: Global MIMO-Based Communications Systems Technologies Report 2014 - Markets And Applications Analysis


Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "MIMO-based Communications Systems Technologies, Markets and Applications" report to their offering.

Users' demand for more efficient networking brought to life many technological innovations. One of them is MIMO (multiple input multiple output), which became very popular in wireless systems - almost all recent and future 3GPP standards use (or will be using) variations of such a technique. MIMO also can be used in wireline systems.

This report is based on the analysis of MIMO-based communications systems, their technologies and markets specifics.

Particular, the following industry standards that utilize MIMO have been considered:

  • 3GPP LTE
  • IEEE 802.11n
  • IEEE 802.11ac
  • ITU

The goal of this report was to characterize MIMO advantages and specifics for each standard. It also addresses market characteristics of discussed technologies. Report concentrates on corresponding industries players and their products.

MIMO characteristics, structures and types are also addressed and compared.

The report is written for a wide audience of managers and technical staff that involved in the design and implementation of advanced communications systems.

Target Audience

  • The report was developed for service providers, vendors, network operators and managers, Enterprise IT staff, investors and end users seeking to gain a deeper understanding of MIMO-based networking.
  • The end users can gain thorough understanding of product's market and capabilities as well as the economics of using these technologies products to improve cost efficiency.
  • For equipment vendors, this report provides information on competition.

Key Topics Covered:

1.0 Introduction

2.0 MIMO - Concept, Functions and Structures

  • History
  • Concept: MIMO in Wireless Communications
  • Types of MIMO
  • Summary - MIMO Benefits

3.0 MIMO Role in LTE Development

  • Releases
  • LTE Timetable
  • Broadband Wireless Communications-Phases
  • LTE Standardization-Industry Collaboration
  • Key Features of LTE
  • Details
  • LTE Advanced
  • SON
  • Voice Support
  • Market
  • Summary of LTE Benefits
  • Vendors
  • Specifics LTE MIMO

4.0 MIMO Role in 802.11n Development

  • 802.11n Status
  • IEEE 802.11n and Wi-Fi Alliance
  • 802.11n Technology Specifics
  • PHY and MAC
  • Major Standard Features: Summary
  • Benefits and Applications
  • Market
  • Industry
  • MIMO and 802.11n

5.0 MIMO Role in 802.11ac Development

  • General - Improving 802.11n Characteristics
  • Approval
  • Major Features: Summary
  • Major Benefits
  • Usage Models
  • Projections
  • Industry
  • MIMO in 802.11ac Standard

6.0 MIMO Role in Development

  • HomePNA Alliance
  • ITU Efforts
  • Details
  • Acceptance
  • HomePNA and
  • Samples of Vendors
  • MIMO

7.0 Conclusions

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