File Conversion Software for High Efficiency Video Coding: FileConverter 4K FC4000

Source: NTT Advanced Technology Corporation

File Conversion Software for High Efficiency Video Coding: FileConverter 4K FC4000

Video traffic on the internet continues to increase and HEVC (high efficiency video coding) has garnered a lot of attention as a result. NTT-AT’s FileConverter 4K is a file conversion software specifically designed to work with HEVC. It can work with a variety of input file formats like AVI and Windows Media for the PC, and HDV files for broadcasting. The output files are H.264 and H.265 file types for higher quality.

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Additional features include:

H.265/HVEC Realizes Smooth 4K Video Conversion with High Quality

  • The rate control is unique technology developed by NTT video CODEC research and development over many years. Stable encoding with a constant bit rate specified by the user is possible, even when the characteristics of the image are changing.

H.265/HEVC Service Verification is Simplified by Easy Creation of Video Streams

  • Due to the variety of functions, such as encoding task management function and Watch Folders feature, video streams with a wide variety of encoding parameters can easily be created and used for the verification of H.265/HEVC services.

For additional information on the FileConverter 4K FC4000 file conversion software’s specifications and performance, download the datasheet.

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