EM Simulation for Space Applications

Source: CST of America, Inc.

EM Simulation for Space Applications

Many of the components and systems operating in space are affected by electromagnetic fields. CST STUDIO SUITE® contains high-frequency, low-frequency, multiphysics and charged particle solvers for simulating and investigating the electromagnetic (EM) performance of individual components as well as entire EM systems.

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With various space applications, the use of EM simulation can help to shorten development cycles and improve the product quality of devices used in space. CST STUDIO SUITE can be used to simulate different antennas, design filters & multiplexers and analyze antenna and field coupling on satellites in order to investigate electromagnetic compatibility. Thermal and mechanical analysis can also be performed on antennas and high power components in order to investigate how heating – both from the sun and from losses within the system – affects the performance of the components. With the particle-in-cell solver, multipaction effects can also be taken into account.

For those who are interested in the electromagnetic aspects of space applications, CST are hosting the following events:

  • Webinar on EM Simulation for Space Applications

Electromagnetic simulation plays a critical role in ensuring that mission-critical components work as intended once in orbit. This webinar will give an overview of how the range of simulation tools in CST STUDIO SUITE® can be used to design and optimize antennas and components quickly and with high accuracy. Watch Recording

  • September 23, 2014 – CST Space Applications Workshop in Toulouse, France

The event will explore the electromagnetic aspects in space applications, gathering experts from industry, research and universities as well as guest speakers from Airbus Defence and Space and Thales Alenia Space. Register here.

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