Capacitive Tuning Integrated Circuits

Source: CTS Electronic Components

Capacitive Tuning Integrated Circuits

These capacitive tuning integrated circuits have been designed to tune a crystal-based or SAW-based oscillator to an ideal center frequency. Two models are available with variations in input, output, phase noise, and package type.

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Both of these capacitive tuning integrated circuit models are reprogrammable through non-volatile EEPROM storage. They can also be placed in parallel to achieve a greater capacitance value. Each model is 1.5mm x 1.0mm, making them well suited for very small designs.

The CTST570 has an input of 2.8 pF, an output of 14.55 pF, and a 0.063 pF phase noise. It’s available in a SON8 package.

The CTST571 has an input of 6.6 pF, an output of 37.55 pF, and a 0.063 pF phase noise. It’s available in a SON8 package as well, but it can also be provided in an MLP6 package.

Download the individual model datasheets for more information. You can also contact CTS Electronic Components directly to discuss your application.

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