Base Station Analyzer: BTS Master MT8220T

Source: Anritsu Company

Base Station Analyzer: MT8220T

This base station analyzer is comprised of a cable and antenna analyzer, an internal power meter, and a spectrum analyzer and provides comprehensive wireless measurements, ultra-sensitive spectrum analysis, and sophisticated interference tracking for network operators, sub-contractors, and installers needing to measure base stations. 

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The MT8220T is the third generation base station tester in Anritsu’s BTS MasterTM series. It features a thinner and lighter design, a standard GPS receiver, enhanced two-port dynamic range, a faster LTE scanner, and expanded spectrum analysis capability.

This base station analyzer allows its operators to conduct cellular repeater testing where isolation measurements up to 100 dB are required. This is due to improvements in the cable and antenna analyzer’s two-port dynamic range, specifically increasing it to greater than 100 dB over the 400 MHz to 2800 MHz frequency range. Dynamic range is also enhanced to >90 dB between 2800 MHz and 4000 MHz, and >85 dB up to 6000 MHz.

The base station analyzer’s built-in spectrum analyzer covers the 150 KHz-7.1 GHz frequency range. It features Fast, Performance, and No FFT sweep modes. The MTT8220T’s ability to provide multiple testing capabilities makes it ideal for co-siting new systems with existing networks. Additionally, fast and transient signals down to 200 µs duration and 1% duty cycle in a span up to 15 MHz can be captured and analyzed due to the base station analyzer’s Burst Detect mode. This mode is used to simplify the direction finding and signal locating process used in locating problematic interference signals.

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