Bandit Modular Analog RF Slot Downconverter Series

Source: Pentek, Inc.


The Bandit® Model 8111 provides a series of high-performance, stand-alone analog RF slot downconverter modules. Packaged in a small, shielded enclosure with connectors for easy integration into RF systems, the modules offer programmable gain, high dynamic range and a low noise figure. With input options to cover specific frequency bands of the RF spectrum, and an IF output optimized for A/D converters, the 8111 is an ideal solution for amplifying and downconverting antenna signals for communications, radar and signal intelligence systems.

Programmable Input Level
The 8111 accepts RF signals on a front panel SMA connector. An LNA (Low Noisefigure Amplifier) is provided along with two programmable attenuators allowing downconversion of input signals ranging from -60 dBm to -20 dBm in steps of 0.5 dB. Higher level signals can be attenuated prior to input.

Preselector Options
Seven different input-frequency band options are offered, each tunable across a 400 MHz band, with an overlap of 100 MHz between adjacent bands. As a group, these seven options accommodate RF input signals from 800 MHz to 3.000 GHz as follows:

Option Frequency Band
001 800-1200 MHz
002 1100-1500 MHz
003 1400-1800 MHz
004 1700-2100 MHz
005 2000-2400 MHz
006 2300-2700 MHz
007 2600-3000 MHz


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