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Amazon's New Smartphone Boasts High-End RF Components
  On July 25, Amazon released its first smartphone, and it didn’t take long for the internal components of the device to get leaked. While the fiscal success of the new smartphone is to be determined, a recent teardown and analysis of Amazon’s Fire phone attests to its high-end industrial design.
Most Popular Articles
The Rx For 5G RF
The mobility and Internet of Things explosion has led to a severe wireless spectrum shortage, driving researchers to seek new ways to alleviate the bandwidth crunch. Wireless researchers now anticipate 5G to arrive at the end of the decade, providing a 1000x increase in network capacity. In this article, Moor Insights & Strategy provides information on major areas of 5G research, describes current challenges in wireless design, and introduces new design tools from NI geared for helping RF design engineers.
Next-Generation Phased Radar Systems Lead To Hardware Improvements
For the next generation of radar systems currently in development, the most critical requirement is the ability to successfully counter saturation attacks. Such attacks may include numerous aircraft and missiles converging from multiple directions at the same time. To meet this challenge, very high data rates are required to track a large number of simultaneous targets. Unfortunately, the level of data quality required is not achievable with the traditional rotating or fixed radar systems in use today.
How To Measure Additive Phase Noise Of Amplifiers
Additive (or residual) phase noise comes from the self-phase noise of a component as a signal passes through it. It's important to be able to measure this type of residual noise contribution of each single component part of a system design. This application note explains how you can use Berkeley Nucleonics' 7000 series of signal source analyzers to measure this residual noise.
Most Popular News
Robots See Through Walls Using Wi-Fi
Lockheed Martin Successfully Launches WorldView-3 Satellite
Nokia Networks To Buy Part Of Panasonic's Wireless Network Business
Qualcomm Dumps Package In First CMOS PA Offering
New Wireless Technique Simultaneously Powers And Connects Devices
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