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Introducing EM.Cube 2014, B2.Spice A/D RF Edition, And A Chance To Purchase The Whole Suite At An 80% Discount

Introducing EM.Cube 2014, B2.Spice A/D RF Edition, And A Chance To Purchase The Whole Suite At An 80% Discount
EMAG Technologies Inc. has released EM.Cube 2014 and the RF Edition of B2.Spice A/D 2014. EM.Cube is a modular software suite for electromagnetic modeling of RF system engineering problems. B2.Spice A/D is an intuitive software package for analysis and design of analog, digital, and mixed-mode circuits. The two suites now work together seamlessly to meet all of your simulation needs. To promote the new releases, the first 10 buyers will receive an 80 percent discount off of the standard price. Get your free Evaluation License today!
Most Popular Articles
The Fundamentals Of Phase-Locked Oscillators
The phase-locked oscillator (PLO) is a versatile low-noise signal source that is available in different architectures to suit different applications and environments. The purpose of this article is to review the fundamentals of PLOs and describe some of the most popular types.
Modeling A Printed VHF Balun Leveraging EM Simulation Techniques
It is surprising that the dominant approach to power combining at VHF and UHF is via coaxial cables, which come with inherent assembly, cost, and thermal issues. Printed baluns, although at times more difficult to design, can help overcome the cost and assembly issues associated with coaxial cables. This white paper describes how to leverage electromagnetic simulators in order to address design issues and accurately analyze printed baluns.
EM De-Embedding Magic — Part I: What's The Problem, Anyway?
Way back in 1986, when I was developing the method of moments software that we are selling today, I encountered (and overcame) many problems. One problem first became apparent when I was demonstrating prototype software at HP. When we compared the results to measurement, the differences steadily increased as we went up in frequency. The solution to the problem, which is described in this article, involved developing equations for EM calibration theory based on ANA calibration theory.
Most Popular News
Innovative Stretchable Antenna For Wearable Health Devices
First Antenna Launched On Precursor To World's Largest Telescope
10 Ways 3D Printing Could Change Space Missions
UAV-Mounted Wireless Networks Could Provide Mobile Hotspots For Remote Troops
Researchers Develop The Smallest Ever Manmade Nanomechanical Resonator
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