News | July 22, 2014

AOptix Deploys Multi-Gigabit Wireless Communications System At NASA Kennedy Space Center


AOptix (, a pioneer in ultra-high capacity wireless communications, today announced that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is deploying AOptix Intellimax at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Cape Canaveral, Florida, for evaluation as a next generation communications technology.

NASA has a rich tradition of engaging cutting-edge technologies to solve complex challenges, and this deployment is a part of the space program’s ongoing commitment to explore the most innovative solutions available. The AOptix Intellimax is a high-capacity wireless transport product that delivers fiber-like performance, offering the greatest bandwidth of any wireless networking technology on the market. It is the first Composite Optical-RF (COR) product ever brought to market, and it is capable of delivering carrier-grade availability and 2Gbps constant data rate at distances up to 10 kilometers in a single hop, or unlimited distances in repeater configuration.

The underlying Adaptive Optics technology used in Intellimax was originally developed by two scientists to enable astronomers to view deep-space images with greater clarity. AOptix has adapted the technology and made it the basis for the Intellimax family of products, which serves a wide range of wireless communications needs—from mobile backhaul to fiber extension to last-mile enterprise applications. “AOptix has deep roots in space research, and it’s fitting that America’s space program is now evaluating our technology for future communications applications,” said Dean Senner, chairman and CEO of AOptix. “But the same technology NASA is using can also increase the capacity of mobile networks, or connect the hundreds of thousands of enterprises that don’t yet have fiber connectivity. AOptix COR technology is highly versatile, which is why we’re seeing such large demand across a range of markets.”

About AOptix

AOptix Technologies Inc. delivers wireless communications technology and equipment that provide carrier grade availability and long-range, ultra-high bandwidth to solve mobile backhaul congestion and other communication challenges for network operators, enterprises and government agencies. AOptix products are derived from the company’s patented optical technologies originally developed for scientific research and advanced defense applications. AOptix is a privately held company based in Campbell, Calif. 

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