Antenna Mount SSPA's

Source: Comtech XICOM Technology


Comtech Xicom Technology is delivering innovative SSPAs (Solid-State Power Amplifiers) designed to cover your SATCOM and Tropo requirements.

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We have integrated the compact, robust design of our classic Xicom ODU with the reliability and long-term cost savings of a SSPA.

Our new SSPA designs will meet your most demanding requirements for size, weight and reliability.

And Xicom’s renowned worldwide service and technical support is always there if you need it.


  • Weatherized for -40°C to +60°C Operation
  • Short Waveguide Run
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • C-Band: 25 to 200 Watts
  • X-Band: 50 to 100 Watts
  • Ku-Band: 25 to 100 Watts
  • Ka-Band: 12 to 20 Watts
  • Internal RF Filters and M&C System
  • Optional Block Up-Converter (BUC)
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Service Centers Worldwide
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