4-port Vector Network Analyzer: MS46524A

Source: Anritsu Company

4-port Vector Network Analyzer: MS46524A

This 4-port vector network analyzer (VNA) series covers the 10 MHz to 4.5/7 GHz frequency ranges and features a 77 microseconds per point sweep speed, a better than 110 dB dynamic range, and a LAN interface for remote control that’s more robust than USB and faster than GPIB

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The MS46524A VNA is ideal for testing passive multiport and differential devices such as cables, connectors, and PCBs. Additionally, it can be used for passive multi-port component testing (switches, couplers, filters, duplexers, diplexers, isolators, and circulators), as well as system integration applications such as system calibration, differential path-loss characterization, and general multi-port s-parameters and time domain measurements.

For more information on the analyzers’ features, specifications, and performance characteristics, download the datasheet. For more details about Anritsu's advanced VNA technology, download the "Modern Architecture Advances Vector Network Analyzer Performance" White Paper.

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