New Capture/Playback Function For Anritsu Spectrum/Signal Analyzers Creates Real-World RF Environments In The Laboratory, Production Line

Anritsu Company introduces a unique Capture and Playback function for its MS2830A and MS269xA Spectrum/Signal Analyzer families that brings the most challenging RF environments from the field into the laboratory or production line.

  • Performing L- And S-Band Pulsed Radar Testing At 600V/m
    Performing L- And S-Band Pulsed Radar Testing At 600V/m

    There are many hazardous electrical events in the environment that can have adverse effects on the systems of a vehicle, causing potentially unsafe situations. To protect against these events, automobile manufacturers have developed electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards to test electronic components and whole vehicles. This application note delves into the test specifications (from General Motors and Ford) for testing automobiles that may be exposed to an L-band or S-band radar pulse, and introduces testing instrumentation to help address those testing requirements.

  • Boeing Maritime Surveillance Aircraft Ready For Demonstration Flights
    Boeing Maritime Surveillance Aircraft Ready For Demonstration Flights

    The Boeing Maritime Surveillance Aircraft (MSA) program is ready for customer demonstration flights, having completed the baseline ground and flight testing of the aircraft mission systems.

  • Anritsu Company Satisfies Major U.S. Operators’ Requirements With Emergency Alert And Public Warning Test Solution
    Anritsu Company Satisfies Major U.S. Operators’ Requirements With Emergency Alert And Public Warning Test Solution

    Anritsu Company announces that its MD8475A signaling tester with SmartStudio Manager Windows-based control software now provides multi-operator support for Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS) Carrier Acceptance Test (CAT) packages.

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  • Designing With Plastic RF Power Transistors
    Designing With Plastic RF Power Transistors

    For many semiconductor products, plastic long ago emerged as the package technology of choice. For commodity products, such as small signal transistors, plastic offers low-cost encapsulation that is easily scaled to high volumes. For RF power amplifiers, plastic packaging helps address certain performance limitations inherent in ceramic devices. This white paper outlines the six main benefits of RF power plastic packages and provides recommendations on PCB layout. It also discusses mounting and soldering techniques that help create a robust, cost-effective design solution using over-molded plastic RF power devices.

Wireless Dose-Compliance Monitoring In Drug-Delivery Devices

Incorporating wireless technology into medical devices is about more than just keeping up with the hottest technology trends; the benefits are real and significant, especially with regard to monitoring and encouraging dose compliance in the pharmaceutical and medical realm. Prior to embarking on the development of a wireless-enabled drug-delivery device, however, it is crucial to know what, specifically, the benefits are, and exactly what kinds of challenges and design considerations must be taken into account.

Understanding Cable & Antenna Analysis

While a problematic base station can be replaced, a cable and antenna system is not so easy to replace. It is the role of the field technician to troubleshoot the cable and antenna system and ensure that the overall health of the communication system is performing as expected. Field technicians today rely on portable cable and antenna analyzers to analyze, troubleshoot, characterize, and maintain the system. The purpose of this white paper is to cover the fundamentals of the key measurements of cable and antenna analysis, including return loss, cable loss, and distance-to-fault.

GaN Thermal Analysis For High-Performance Systems

This paper addresses Qorvo’s integrated approach to thermal design that leverages modeling, empirical measurements (including micro-Raman thermography), and finite element analysis (FEA) for high performance microwave GaN HEMT devices and MMICs. This methodology is highly effective and has been empirically validated. By properly addressing FEA boundary condition assumptions and the limitations of infrared microscopy, resulting model calculations are more accurate at both the product and end application level than traditional methods based on lower power density technology.

Finite Element Electromagnetic Simulation Strategies For Wireless Network And Telecommunication Sector Panel Arrays

Sector panel antenna arrays designed for high gain, polarization diversity with high-power handling have typically been consider too large and complex for rigorous electromagnetic simulation.

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RF Globalnet Welcomes Our Newest Supplier

Atlanta Micro, Inc was founded in 2011 with the purpose of designing and manufacturing high performance RF and Microwave products for demanding customer applications. The company is based in Alpharetta, Georgia, just north of Atlanta. Our executives possess over 40 years of experience designing state‑of‑the‑art components, receivers, transceivers and systems for the military, government agencies and the test equipment community. Atlanta Micro is focused on providing best‑in‑class broadband RF solutions meeting stringent specifications while offering reduced size, weight and power consumption necessary for portable and low power platforms. Our products are designed to meet customer needs that have been identified through our extensive experience.

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  • Amazon’s New Smartphone Boasts High-End RF And Imaging Components
    Amazon’s New Smartphone Boasts High-End RF And Imaging Components

    On July 25, Amazon released its first smartphone, and it didn’t take long for the internal components of the device to get leaked.

  • 4 Electronic Design Requirements Of The System-Integrated Soldier
    4 Electronic Design Requirements Of The System-Integrated Soldier

    Perhaps most famously portrayed in Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers (1959), the idea of the “future soldier” has been around for decades. As rehashed in countless science fiction films and video games, the stereotypical future soldier is equipped with a protective exoskeleton, enhanced sensory equipment, seamless communication systems, and advanced weaponry. While the concept once seemed implausible, there are many real-world projects under way focused on realizing those seemingly fictitious warfighter capabilities — by integrating a plethora of diverse electronic subsystems into a cohesively operational suit.

  • 7 Noteworthy Technologies From IMS2014
    7 Noteworthy Technologies From IMS2014

    At the 2014 IEEE MTT International Microwave Symposium earlier this month, I had the opportunity to speak with the event’s general chair, Dr. Larry Dunleavy, about the state of the RF and microwave design industry. While he acknowledged that it is a time of relative uncertainty — due in large part to constrained military budgets and conservative fiscal forecasts for 2014 — he also pointed out that there are plenty of emerging markets where RF and microwave technology is making a significant impact. With the Internet of Things (IoT) driving innovation in burgeoning markets like automotive and healthcare  and the development of 5G pushing wireless technology to further heights, there was good reason for nearly 600 companies to flock to the IMS2014 exhibition in Tampa, Fla.

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Frequency mixers are used to create a new signal once two different signals are applied to them. Teledyne Microwave Solutions supplies several different models of Frequency Mixers with varying frequency operating ranges available in standard TO-8, TO-8H, Surface Mount Mixer, and standard Teledyne Microwave Solutions Hi-Rel MixerPak configurations. Teledyne Microwave Solutions Mixer product line uses Schottky diodes and transformers in either double or triple balanced designs covering DC to 20 GHz. Teledyne Microwave Solutions Hi-Rel MixerPak™ is a seam-sealed hermetic package containing fired in glass feed-thrus, which prevent flux contamination for military or space applications. To make specifying mixers for military or space applications easier, Teledyne Microwave Solutions has developed a screening flow based on MIL-DTL-28837. Triple balanced designs will have pre burned-in diodes and do not receive burn-in at the module level.

Coaxial Cable Driver: CTS10EL89

Coaxial Cable Driver: CTS10EL89

The CTS10EL89 is a coaxial cable driver with internal input pull-down resistors and a 375ps propagation delay. It’s well suited for digital video applications as each of its outputs can be used as an independent driver.

8 Way MoCA Splitter: 75PD-168

8 Way MoCA Splitter: 75PD-168

This 8 Way MoCA Splitter has an 8 8 Port Resistive Power Splitter for MOCA testing configuration. It operates in the DC-2250 MHz frequency range and has a 75 0hms nominal impedance.
Mobile Audio Conferencing System: R-Talk

Mobile Audio Conferencing System: R-Talk

NTT AT’s R-Talk turns any kind of phone into a teleconference phone. It’s small and compact, making it easily portable and travel friendly. The R-Talk mobile audio conferencing system can be connected to a standard business phone, a mobile phone, a smart phone, or any computer with a USB port.

TWT Amplifier: dB-3860

TWT Amplifier: dB-3860

The dB-3860 is a traveling wave tube amplifier (TWTA) covering the 34.5-35.5 GHz frequency range. It’s ideal for radar, test and measurement, antenna pattern measurement, radar cross-section measurement, and electronic warfare (EW) simulation applications.

Thick Film Process Capabilities

Thick Film Process Capabilities

MSI has beem the leading manufacturer of Precision Hi-Reliability Chip Resistors for more than 30 Years. Quick response to critical requirements and quick response to questions by knowledgeable sales and engineering staff are keys to providing the unsurpassed service our customers have learned to expect. MSI's products are designed for superior solder fillets for optimum performance in the area of stability, solderability, adhesion, power dissipation and life
Analog-To-Digital Converter: MCP3421

Analog-To-Digital Converter: MCP3421

The MCP3421 is a single channel low-noise, high accuracy delta-sigma A/D converter with differential inputs and up to 18 bits of resolution in a small SOT-23-6 package. The on-board precision 2.048V reference voltage enables an input range of ±2.048V differentially. The device uses a two-wire I2C™ compatible serial interface and operates from a single power supply ranging from 2.7V to 5.5V. The MCP3421 device performs conversions at rates of 3.75, 15, 60 or 240 samples per second depending on user controllable configuration bit settings using the two-wire I2C™ compatible serial interface. This device has an onboard programmable gain amplifier (PGA). User can select the PGA gain of x1, x2, x4, or x8 before the analog-to-digital conversion takes place. This allows the MCP3421 device to convert a smaller input signal with high resolution. The device has two conversion modes: (a) Continuous mode and (b) One-Shot mode. In One-Shot mode, the device enters a low current standby mode automatically after one conversion. This reduces current consumption greatly during idle periods. The MCP3421 device can be used for various high accuracy analog-to-digital data conversion applications where ease of use, low power consumption and small footprint are major considerations.

CST PCB STUDIO - Signal And Power Integrity Simulation Tool

CST PCB STUDIO - Signal And Power Integrity Simulation Tool

CST PCB STUDIO™ (CST PCBS) is a specialist tool for the investigation of Signal and Power Integrity and the simulation of EMC and EMI effects on PCBs, based on SimLab technology.

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Arlon Materials for Electronics

Arlon Materials for Electronics

Arlon Materials for Electronics Division develops and manufactures copper clad laminates and prepreg bonding materials for the fabrication of high performance and frequency dependent printed circuit boards.

CTS Electronic Components

CTS Electronic Components

CTS Electronic Components is a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of precision crystal oscillators for over 75 years. Today, CTS Electronic Components is expanding into higher frequency, lower phase noise timing solutions, high performance RF/Microwave components, integrated modules and ultrasonic transducers.

Atlanta Micro, Inc.

Atlanta Micro, Inc.

Atlanta Micro, Inc was founded in 2011 with the purpose of designing and manufacturing high performance RF and Microwave products for demanding customer applications.  The company is based in Alpharetta, Georgia, just north of Atlanta. 

COM DEV Ltd. - SAW Products

COM DEV Ltd. - SAW Products

COM DEV Ltd. - SAW Products is part of COM DEV International Ltd. is a global designer and manufacturer of space hardware. We are world leaders in the production of space-qualified passive microwave equipment, specialized electronics and optical subsystems. We have more than 1,200 employees at facilities in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. More about COM DEV.

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