• Why Is Apple Stockpiling RF Engineers?
    Why Is Apple Stockpiling RF Engineers?

    Paul Chang, former principal engineer, project manager, and RF chip lead at Broadcom, recently migrated to Apple, further substantiating rumors that Apple plans on designing and building baseband processors in-house. Chang worked at Broadcom for over 11 years, helping develop a “series of cellular mobile communications CMOS semiconductor products,” including a number of 65 nm quadband single -chip transceivers. 

  • What Can Micro-Windmills Teach Us About The Future Of Medical Device Design?
    What Can Micro-Windmills Teach Us About The Future Of Medical Device Design?

    At some point in the not-so-distant future, you’ll be able to recharge your smartphone by waving it about in the air for a few moments or (less conspicuously) by simply holding it out in a stiff breeze.What does this have to do with medical device design, you ask? Quite a lot, as it turns out.

  • Millimeter Waves For 5G: Intel Among Those Making Strides
    Millimeter Waves For 5G: Intel Among Those Making Strides

    Recent updates from organizations including Intel, indicate that the development of 5G mobile device technology is well underway, and that 5G networks will utilize millimeter waves.

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EM Simulation of Automotive Radar Mounted in Vehicle Bumper

Trends in automotive safety are pushing radar systems to higher levels of accuracy and reliable target identification for blind spot detection and collision prevention assistance.  Consequentially, engineers need to better understand how mounting brackets, fascia, paint color, and bumper assemblies affect the far field radiation patterns of 24 GHz and 77 GHz automotive radar systems. 

Modeling of Large Microwave Cavities for Industrial and Scientific Applications

This white paper discusses the modeling of microwave cavities and demonstrates how a system for heating test samples was optimized using electromagnetic simulation.

Modeling A Printed VHF Balun Leveraging EM Simulation Techniques

The use of printed microstrip couplers in power amplifiers operating at microwave frequencies above 1GHz has been well established and numerous papers have been written about the design of such structures. It is surprising, however, that little has been written about the subject of printed baluns (BALanced to UNbalanced)— electrical devices that convert between a balanced signal and an unbalanced signal. Even more surprising is that the dominant approach to power combining at VHF and UHF is via coaxial cables, which comes with inherent assembly, cost, and thermal issues. By AWR with contributions from Dr. Dominic FitzPatrick of PoweRFul Microwave

IP Technology Brings Freedom And Flexibility To Tactical Communications

The last time you installed a network application on your home computer, did you need a project manager and a multimillion-dollar budget? You might have set up an email client or Skype so you could chat with people on the other side of the world. In doing that, you integrated with the largest network in the world in only a few clicks. So why, to have a new tactical application, do you have to wait months, or even years, and secure a huge budget to pay several layers of contractors? By Stuart Marsden, tactical communications consultant and former British Army Major

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  • Pulsed VNA Measurements: When And Why Do I Need To Re-Calibrate?
    Pulsed VNA Measurements: When And Why Do I Need To Re-Calibrate?

    This is the final installment of a guest series written by Walt Strickler of Anritsu Company.

  • EM De-Embedding Magic – Part I: What’s the Problem, Anyway?
    EM De-Embedding Magic – Part I: What’s the Problem, Anyway?

    Way, way back in 1986, when I was developing the Method of Moments software that we are selling today [1], [2], I encountered (and overcame) many problems. One problem first became apparent when I was demonstrating prototype software at HP (now Agilent, soon to be Keysight Technologies) in Santa Rosa, one of my research sponsors. The results did not look so good. When we compared the results to measurement, the differences steadily increased as we went up in frequency. My funding from HP could be in jeopardy. Not good. By Dr. James C. Rautio, president, CEO, and founder, Sonnet Software, Inc.

  • RF Signal Capture And The Beauty Of The Digital Domain
    RF Signal Capture And The Beauty Of The Digital Domain

    From defense systems to wireless communications networks, bandwidth is an issue to be reckoned with. In the defense industry, electronic warfare (EW) systems in particular have always needed as much of this commodity as it can get, but it has now been joined by radar systems that have operating bandwidths in excess of 1 GHz, which presents significant challenges for their designers as well as those who must measure their performance. By Jim Taber, director of sales and marketing, X-COM Systems

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RF Globalnet Welcomes Our Newest Supplier

Delcross Technologies is a commercial software company that develops innovative simulation software for challenging RF cosite interference modeling and high frequency computational electromagnetic (CEM) software with a special focus on electrically large problems.  Their EM software solutions are aimed at solving installed antenna performance and radar signature problems. Learn More.


Tubular Ceramic Capacitors

Tubular Ceramic Capacitors

For over 30 years, Corry Micronics, Inc. has been manufacturing tubular ceramic capacitors for use in their own filtered products. CMI now sells these same high quality ceramic capacitors direct to companies needing filters in their products. CMI has more than one hundred types and sizes of tubular ceramics already in production.
Integrated Receiver Front Ends

Integrated Receiver Front Ends

CPI uses ferrite circulator and balanced hybrid duplexing technology to manufacture integrated receiver front ends with low noise figure and high power handling capabilities. The available datasheet contains information on typical operating parameters, and additional product images.

Uni-Directional, 1000 W Fixed Attenuator - 50FHIE

Uni-Directional, 1000 W Fixed Attenuator - 50FHIE

JFW recently introduced the 50FHIE series of fixed attenuators. The 50FHIE is capable of handling 1000 watts of RF power with no liquid cooling or forced-air requirements. Operating frequency range is DC to 3 GHz and the attenuators are available with N connectors in values of 10 dB, 20 dB, or 30 dB.
Extreme Hybrid Cable System: MASTERLINE

Extreme Hybrid Cable System: MASTERLINE

This hybrid cable system is ideal for Fiber to the Antenna (FTTA) installations at cell sites, and has been proven to cut installation time in half when compared to other hybrid solutions based on corrugated coax cable designs.

Amplifiers -  High Performance Cascadable Low Frequency

Amplifiers - High Performance Cascadable Low Frequency

Ciao Wireless offers a line of High Performance Cascadable Low Frequency Amplifiers for connectorized applications...
Drop-In Isolators And Circulators

Drop-In Isolators And Circulators

BoCen Microwave provides an extensive of drop-in isolators and circulators covering from 300MHz up to 18GHz.

Industry-First, 3-Section, 2-mm Ceramic Notch Filter Centered At 6500 MHz

Industry-First, 3-Section, 2-mm Ceramic Notch Filter Centered At 6500 MHz

The 3NCR2A-6500/500-L from ComNav Engineering is an industry-first, 3-section, 2-mm ceramic notch filter centered at 6500 MHz. It features small size, low loss, and high frequency in a low cost package. The 3NCR2A-6500/500-L is available in custom frequencies, in RoHS or Lead-Tin. It is available immediately.
UHF Base Station Amplifier: KAW2075

UHF Base Station Amplifier: KAW2075

AR Modular RF’s KAW2075 is a new radio base-station amplifier for the UHF band. It offers 100W output in the 300-512 MHz frequency range with full protection against VSWR and overdrive conditions.

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Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Skyworks is the industry’s leading wireless semiconductor company focused on RF and complete semiconductor systems for mobile communications applications...



With many years of experience and knowledge HUBER+SUHNER develops and manufactures quality and competitive RF/microwave products for global needs. Our comprehensive product range and expertise includes RF connectors, cables and cable assemblies, resistive components; antennas, microwave modules and lightning protectors. All products/solutions are aimed at applications in communications, industrial and transportation markets.

Ducommun Inc.

Ducommun Inc.

Ducommun RF Products is a leading designer and manufacturer of RF Coaxial Switch, Switch Matrices and Millimeter Wave components, Millimeter Wave Sub-Assemblies and Millimeter Wave Systems.

Ducommun RF Products Coaxial Switches are used on a variety of commercial and military aircraft, communications equipment, and defense, industrial, medical, Satcom and Test & Measurement applications.

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