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  • New Design Techniques Speed Time-To-Market For RF Filters In 4G Mobile Devices

    As the world’s market continues to grow exponentially in the need for in wireless connectivity in mobile devices and data networks, manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the production of spectrum bands that are required to carry the data. This demand results in the requirement of more RF components for connected devices, which simultaneously adds more cost and power demands, and forces manufacturers to continuously add new models to keep up with bandwidth needs. This pressures the carrier aggregation and more complex MIMO designs to have dramatically smaller and cheaper RF filters. This white paper offers an in-depth discussion on the new Infinite Synthesized Networks (ISNTM), a new filter design solution that can be used to develop a state-of-the-art Band 3 duplexers using low-cost SAW fabrication, while achieving high performance results.

Cable Harness EMC/EMI: Cross Talk, Radiation, Interference And Susceptibility

When using bundles of electrical cables in vehicles, aircrafts, ships, and buildings, electrical designers are met with the challenges of electromagnetic compatibility and interference. The long cables are more prone to radiate or pick up irradiation than many other electrical components and systems. This white paper discusses how these challenges may be met through the aid of FEKO’s electromagnetic simulation capabilities.

Analysis Of A GaN/SiC UHF Radar Amplifier For Operation At 125V Bias

A transistor was tested in a UHF pulsed radar power amplifier operating with GaN technology in order to achieve a higher voltage output. This article investigates the relationship between Fe concentration in the buffer layer and breakdown voltage of an AlGaN/GaN on SiC HEMT transistor in order to operate in a UHF power amplifier operated at a bias of 100V or higher.

RF Burn-In Analysis Of 100V P-band Aerospace GaN Radar Transistors

There are significant advantages in using GaN HEMT technology for achieving higher frequency bandwidth, high voltage operation, and radiation hardness for high reliability space applications. Solid state amplifiers have the benefit of potentially higher efficiency, smaller size and lower weight translating to lower cost in launching the spacecraft to orbit. Another advantage of solid-state power amplifiers is the much lower than kilo-volt range operating voltages which simplifies the design of the power supply subsystem. The high efficiency of a radar front-end power amplifier becomes a key element of a spacecraft mission design with a limited prime power budget. As a result, amplifiers and transistors for spaceborne applications are adopting GaN technology to achieve higher efficiency in yielding GaN radar transistors. This white paper presents and discusses the RF burn-in analysis of 100V P-band aerospace GaN radar transistors, with complete results and junction temperature modeling.

Using A 1-Kilowatt Power Amplifier For SAR Remote Sensing In P-band

In order to better understand the earth’s global carbon cycle, NASA and ESA have implemented programs with the objective of making scientific measurements of the earth’s biomass. NASA uses an airborne synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) system operating in L-band while ESA uses a GaN based system. This white paper presents a 2-stage 40 dB gain 1 kilowatt transmitter pallet as an alternative solution for ground-penetrating SAR applications in P-band.

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Programmable Attenuator
Programmable Attenuator
Model 50P-1320 is a solid-state programmable attenuator with an attenuation range of 0 to 127 dB in 1-dB steps
  • SignalHawk SH-362S, 2-Port VNA And Spectrum Analyzer
    SignalHawk SH-362S, 2-Port VNA And Spectrum Analyzer Field service techs, RF/communications engineers, and others who are involved in the construction, performance verification and ongoing maintenance of communication systems are faced with many challenges. You are often asked to get your system up and running quickly, minimize downtime, meet capacity demands, and/or comply with regulatory requirements all with limited trained resources and shrinking budgets. To help you meet these challenges, Bird Technologies Group’s offers the SignalHawk SH-362S. It is both a 2-Port VNA (Vector Network Analyzer) as well as a spectrum analyzer in one.
  • Consulting and Government Contracting
    Consulting and Government Contracting

    Remcom’s Consulting is an ideal solution for those organizations that need electromagnetic expertise without an ongoing need for in-house EM simulation software. Remcom provides EM modeling experts, software developers, and high-end computational resources to meet your most challenging EM simulation analysis needs.

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Teledyne Microwave Solutions Teledyne Microwave Solutions

Your single source for microwave electronics, Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS) delivers the world’s most advanced microwave technologies for demanding aerospace, military, commercial and industrial applications. For over 50 years, leading organizations across the globe have turned to us for the most innovative microwave technologies…and that tradition lives on.

Remcom Remcom

Remcom provides innovative electromagnetic simulation software and consulting services. Our products simplify the analysis of complex EM problems and lead the market in FDTD-based modeling and simulation.

AR Modular RF AR Modular RF
AR Modular RF designs and builds some of the most durable, innovative, dependable, and versatile RF amplifier modules and RF amplifier systems in the world.
Ducommun Inc. Ducommun Inc.

Ducommun RF Products is a leading designer and manufacturer of RF Coaxial Switch, Switch Matrices and Millimeter Wave components, Millimeter Wave Sub-Assemblies and Millimeter Wave Systems.

Ducommun RF Products Coaxial Switches are used on a variety of commercial and military aircraft, communications equipment, and defense, industrial, medical, Satcom and Test & Measurement applications.


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